Scoring for drums / Drum Map

Getting export of files from Cubase to work in Sibelius reasonably well…but to write out a drum part is not working. Reading the manual it says as follows…go to


Click on "Use Score Drum Map. “Use Score Drum Map” is greyed out. Is it because I am using EZ drummer? OR is there another setting that is off. Under STAFF / MAIN I’ve set it to a drum clef.

Looks like they forgot to mention that you also have to have a Drum Map active for that track in the Project window.

How do I make the drum map active…by just opening up the window?

From the track’s Inspector in the Project window…
Select the desired Drum Map… I think the GM (General MIDI) Drum map is installed by default, not sure though. There should be others somewhere on your Cubase Installer disk (can’t remember now though).
Drum Map.jpg

Thanks. Got it to work. Only problem is that the end result was that it didn’t give all the notes that were being used. I just ended up keying the drum part manaully in Sibelius

When you get some spare time, you could experiment with creating your own Drum Map for EZ Drummer (unless there already is one somewhere in the i-cumulo-nimbus :stuck_out_tongue: )

You can download drum maps for EZ Drummer on the Toontracks web site. There is a seperate map for each Expansion Pack.