Scoring in Cubase 10.5 Pro

Hi all!

How do I set up a score, writing actual notes in Cubase? I can`t find any tutorial or videos for this. When opening an empty project, ynder the “score” tab, everything is greyed out.

How do I use this feature?



Add MIDI or Instrument track. Draw a MIDI Part (make sure it’s selected). Open Score Editor.

Well that’s a pretty broad question. There is a whole manual on the Score Editor you should take a look at.

But for your immediate issue, the reason everything is greyed out is that the Score Editor like all the other MIDI Editors (Key, List, Drum) is used to edit MIDI Parts. And all those editors need to know what MIDI Part you want to edit. So if you don’t have a MIDI Part on a Track - create a MIDI Part, select it, now the menu items won’t be grey.

Thanks alot for the reply! Midi it is!