Scoring Percussion License downloaded, but shows as unlicensed

downloaded, and registered. All looks okay. eLicenser says Full license. All looks good, but…

Will not show up in Groove Agent 5.

Will show up in Groove Agent 5 SE, but with red dots. Telling me that there is no license found. (and that message comes from the Steinberg Activation Manager…

So what is going on here… a confusion between elicenser and SAM ? SAM does not list it, so why is it SAM that gives me the message? I’m confused.

All are updated to latest release, and maintenance is run i eLicenser. Same with Standalone versions as well.

Anyone got it to work ?

Absolutely the same story.

In my case whether in Cubase 12 or Nuendo 11 it says some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or time-limited licenses have expired:

But I registered the license via the download assistant and it appears on my elicenser. Go figure!

Thank you guys for confirming this issue. Now I now it’s not just my fault :slight_smile:

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Can anyone help us solve our problem?
I think we all buy this expansion for more than just having fun.

Completely random question, did anyone run an elicenser maintenance? It seems wrong and probably won’t fix this, but costs nothing to do, and nothing to suggest…

Not working here, either. Got the Outdated e-Licenser Control Center message, which it wasn’t, but I downloaded and installed the very same one anyway to no avail. Did the maintenance, but that didn’t help. Could be something wrong with the activation code, or the e-licenser, but it definitely isn’t something we’ve done. Hard to find good help…

Yeah, something definitely wrong here.

I hope you are opening tickets in your Steinberg accounts for this.

Okay guys, found the solution (Obviously a little premature on that statement)
The code they gave us in our receipt is simply a download access code. Enter it in the Steinberg Download Assistant (Even if you have already downloaded and installed Scoring Percussion) and the actual Activation Code will appear. It doesn’t say Scoring Percussion next to the activation code, rather Orchestral something or rather (Paraphrasing here) but when you complete the activation the license that appears in the e-Licenser Control Centre is properly labeled Scoring Percussion as you would expect.
Something finally triggered in my brain as the prospect of waiting for help from Steinberg was too daunting. Hopefully I’ve explained it okay, but I’ll keep my eye on this topic in case questions arise. You can also PM me.

Doesn’t work here, says Licenz allready activatet and i can only cancel


So hpresser, you already got the secondary activation code, the one that filled all eight spaces (####-####-####-####-####-####-####-####), and the license shows up in on your e-Licenser and in your My Steinberg account, but you get the error upon starting Cubase/Nuendo saying the license is missing? Be as specific as you can so we can narrow the issue and maybe find the problem.

My problem here is not being able to actually use the set, getting the no license error during Nuendo boot up. Might have something to do with the fact that on my e-licenser it’s called Scoring Percussion, but in my My Steinberg account it is called Orchestral Percussion. Tried both N12 and N11, but same result.
Hopefully somebody from Steinberg is paying attention considering it is a brand new product.

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Yes, got an Activation code and Scoring Percussion shows up in the usb-elicenser, the files are in the wright place. But N12 and N11 say licenses are missing, or time-limited licenses have expired.
On my-steinberg at elicenser product Scoring Percussion shows not up. steinberg says usb-elicenser do an maintenance and try it again after a few minutes. does not work.

Everything I do doesn’t work…

Still me too…

and I have open a ticket as well…

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Please ensure not mixing up the Download Access Code and the Activation Code. DAC needs to be entered in the Steinberg Download Assistant to get the Activation Code. The latest eLicenser Control Center should be installed.

If you still get error messages, please post a screenshot or name the exact wording of it. Also, screenshots of the Steinberg Activation Manager and the eLicenser Control Center are needed in this case.


Hi Jan, we have all got the download code, and used that, and all have use the then given activation code and used eLicenser for that.

So I guess we have done it the way we should. :slight_smile:

Opening in GA SE and double click an the red icon, opens up Steinberg Activation Manager with No License Found. But elisenser shows Full License.

Having exact same problem. Just trouble shot it for 2 hours before finding this thread.
Shows up in eLicenser, shows up in library manager, but not in groove-agent