Scoring problem need expert help

Supposed to be 7 tuplets, then 5 tuplets in hands, with quarter note triplets with bass drum, If I assign, BD aligns to hand pattern. If I try poslyphonic or something says can’t use nested tuplets , or big mess.
tuplets score prob

Seems no one knows much about this. I wonder if I could separate the notes for the feet (HH, BB) to another track, using logical editor or something. The problem is that the score display notes are not the actual pitches, so I can’t just tell it to remove the notes below G3 (score note) can I?

You don’t get any reply because what you are asking is not clear.
What notes exactly are supposed to belong to the quintuplet and septuplet?

Do you want to get something like this?

I don’t think its possible to have multiple lines of different tuplet subdivisions on the same staff.

That’d probably be difficult to do even in a dedicated score editor!

This should make it clear top line is BD, quarter triplets. Bottom notes are cymbals which are the 1st notes of the quints and septs. so tuplets in hands, and the highhat on 2 &4. 2 measures of 4/4.