Scoring to Film, Need advice about Time Warp etc

Hi, I am scoring music to a short animation. I have found some video tutorials on youtube that have been fairly helpful with regards to using the Time Warp tool.
However, does anybody ever just use the Tempo Track instead of the Time Warp tool to change tempos between scenes?

Why use the Time Warp at all?

Or is it possible to use both together?

Perhaps someone could tell me a little about their approach to scoring for film.

Is there an in-depth tutorial explaining how to use Cubase 7 for film scoring?

Thanks for the help,

One thing that I’ve just learned is that you cannot use the Time Warp tool and make time changes on the Tempo track. Apparently only one method works at a time. So, one issue I’m having is making a ritardando at the end of a bar. I’m not sure how to do that with the Time Warp.

You can go to the tempo editor (CTRL-T), then use the controls at the top do do your ritardando.

Ok thanks Alexis. I’ll have a look. Thx for the info.

HI, at this point I’m not using any audio. Just midi.

When I open the Tempo Track Editor and edit in a ritardando, it works fine because I can Ramp it. But then I notice the timing of the “hit” is slightly off. And when I return to the project page and try to fix it with the Time Warp, it tells me that I can’t edit when in Ramp mode.

So, I’m sure what I can do about this? Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks Jeff at 5 minutes …?

Im not sure this works with Cubase 7.0 . But I’ll give it a try.
Thanks Jeff