Scoring Video issues

I’ve used dorico for scoring video for some time now despite all the problems I’ve had with it. Now, for some reason dorico is exporting the video SFX/Dialog audio track on top of each instrument track. How and why is that possible? On top of that, the broadcast wave headers are still corrupted. A problem I pointed out here several versions ago. So timecode sync is impossible if the music starts before the video.

I believe Dorico will always include the video track when exporting audio unless you explicitly mute the video track in the Mixer before export.

Can you provide a few more details about the problem with the broadcast WAV headers? I’m sorry to say that I’m not aware of this specific problem.

I’m pretty sure that dorico didn’t add the video sfx/dialog track to each instrument before. At least I don’t remember having that problem. But it makes no sense to do that. But muting the track works as well. As far as the timecode goes, when attaching a video to a flow the default TC is 00:00:00:00. If the video attachment position is set for a few beats later the timecode of the flow starts with negative value. A ‘negative timecode’ makes no sense. The SMPTE frame before 00:00:00:00 is 23:59:59:29. A negative value leads to a corrupt broadcast wave header as shown in the pic. There should at least be a warning message or an offer to add an hour to the start TC.

Thanks very much for the further information. For clarification: if you do specify that the 00:00:00 timecode position should happen after the start of the flow, what value do you want to have recorded as the start position in the broadcast WAV data?