(@Scott) TC Powercore FW and VIA 6315n chip compatibility ?

Hello everyone and computer’s gurus…

I’m going to build another DAW for my studio.
Motherboards with on board FW TI based controller fitting my needs are more and more difficult to find.
Does anyone has some experience with the VIA 6315n controller and the Powercore FW under Win7 64bit, most probably Z68 or Z77 chipset ?
Does it work or not ?

Same question with the VIA 6308…

Thanks for any advice or comment.



I am wondering the same thing. I submitted a request to Steinberg technical support tonight regarding the VIA VT6308S and VIA VT6315N firewire controllers. Once I get a response, I will post it here.

Please let me know if you have already made a decision and if you have any experience with either of these chipsets.


just get yourself a cheap T.I. PCIe card then you’re future proof. I bought one on ebay last year for that very purpose it was about £25 works 100% and, as with any PCIe card it will move from computer to computer enabling continued use of any FW devices as long as PCIe stays around.


Hey Bernard,

TC (or UA for that matter) external firewire DSP has always been weak and problematic. i would expect they would have issues with the via, even though most interfaces do not have issues with it anymore. (newer via chipset)

add a TI card!

Thanks guys.
I’ll go for an additional Ti card if the onboard chip doesn’t work as expected.