Scottish Progressive Metal

Hey guys,

After almost a year of work and experimentation, I can finally announce that my debut EP will be released in spring 2016. A huge effort has been but put into song writing and production. Everything has been recorded and produced in my home studio with Cubase 8 Artist and all synths have been played though HALion Sonic.

The record will be called “Azimuths” and will include 5 original tracks. The artwork has been realized once more by our very good friend and insanely talented Baxia Art.
Azimuths will be available on Bandcamp & Youtube. :smiley:

This isn’t my normal comfortable cup of tea. On listening through I must say your mix sounds excellent - really powerful and clear. Nice guitar, and nice guitar tones. Very impressive. How many of you are there?


Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for the kind words.
We were initially two (A bass player and myself), but we decided to part ways after the release of our debut song (A kind of musical to experiment to try and decide where we would like to go with this project).

Since, I continued alone on this project and to improve the quality of my work I acquired several studio equipment (Superior Drummer, a Kemper profiler, a 5 string bass…). I hope the quality of the EP will stand out compared to the debut song.

Here is a wee snippet of the EP:


I gave this track a listen and I’d agree with Steve that it’s got a good overall sound, well done! The one notion that strikes me as I listen to it is that it sounds as though it’s a backing track intended for someone to sing over (or scream?). The sections otherwise don’t have a lot of melodic/thematic content. It’s more riffs and such. Just a thought. Sounds like it was quite a piece of work to put all this together.

Hi Early21,

Yes indeed. This song was kind of an experiment, written to see where we wanted to go musically speaking and also to audition drummers.

Finally I decided to continue by myself, and the new record, Azimtuhs, is gonna have it’s fair share of themes, & leads :slight_smile:

I agree with early…needs a melody line in certain sections…but very nice work overall. well done! looking to hear more of it when you’re done.

Thanks guys for all the kind words.
Azimuths should be available around mid April :slight_smile:

Not the music I usualy listen to, but nice job, great musicianship!
I like the artwork as well!


Thanks Wim!
The artwork has been made by my friend Barbara. All her work can be seen here:

I’m a painter myself, but I also like photography and image manipulation.
I love what she does with colour and light! :sunglasses:

Hi there,

A quick update from the studio : I am more than excited to announce that Azimuths will feature Joseph Stevenson (from StarSystems), NeoGeoFanatic & Sithu Aye as guests. They are all outstanding musicians and I am very grateful to have them on this record. They provided amazing solos, with their disctinctive sound, and helped to enhance this EP, which will be officially released on April the 27th via Bandcamp, Spotify and Youtube.
I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you all, as this is by far my most elaborate and purposeful record.


And here is Azimuths’ tracklist!
(Artwork by Baxia Art)

Hi friends,

After nearly a year of work and experimentation, I can finally unveil my debut EP, ‘Azimuths’ in full, two weeks ahead of its official release!

This record wouldn’t sound the same without the help of my talented friends Joseph Stevenson (Joseph Stevenson - Composer &StarSystems), NeoGeoFanatic & Sithu Aye (Sithu Aye). I’m really grateful to have them onboard. Also a very special thanks to Barbara Florczyk @Baxia Art, who has kindly provided me with stunning artwork which illustrates my music perfectly.



No feedback ?

« AZIMUTHS » is officially out!

You can now get it via Bandcamp, and will soon be available on Deezer, iTunes & Spotify.


Good luck with the EP! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Now available on iTunes too: )

Hi guys,

after nearly 3 years, I finally released a 2nd EP, ‘Decline’. Still in line with ‘Azimuths’, it does involve a lot more work on the production, as well as more symphonic & orchestral content.