Scratch - a new album

Hi folks,

I’ve been busy with work and my music for way too long, so apologies for not catching up with any work from yourselves. I did listen to a few this morning which was a lot of fun. It’s always interesting to hear what others are doing. I don’t necessarily like it all but I do listen.

I’m presenting a completed album this time. Thanks to those who listened to a number of the songs I released over the past year or so. Not many comments but those given were appreciated.

The album is called Scratch. For the most part the songs are about how I deal/am dealing with my mental health particularly when going through a few bad patches at work (I am a secondary music teacher). The songs reflect a state of mind and hopefully show an element of working through the issues and finding some sort of solace - even if it’s only in the music. The basic rock group sound has been chosen for the songs and I hope the sound is clear enough to let the lyrics shine through. The second half is made up of 3 linked instrumentals which I realise give a really good counter balance to the songs.

Hope you can find a way to listen to the whole album.

Here is a link

all the best


i like it ,great lyrics .

Wonderful. The Album and You, both.
And best wishes for gaining more strength to go through your life.


Listening to Epitaph. Loving the percussive formation.

Thank you kind people. Your words give comfort.

All the best


Good song, intelligent arrangement and very good mix for the type of song it is. Personally I would ‘fatten’ it up a bit, but if this is the sound you want, that’s ok too, of course.
There’s a nice ‘listenable’ quality in your ‘stuff’, have you approached any radio stations, ABC and other less commercial ones? I think you’d get a fair bit of air play.


Mauri in Adelaide :slight_smile:

Thanks Mauri,

I did want a clear sound, letting each instrument speak for itself, so I’m glad you picked up on that. Personally, I’m fat enough. And no, I haven’t approached anyone other than the wonderful people on this site to listen. I write and record as a personal pleasure, if others enjoy too then that’s a bonus.

Thank you again.