Scratch Pad Recording problem - failure to play ending

I noticed when I record in Jam Mode using the Scratch Pad that the playback always STOPS at the LAST selected midi PATTERN note, regardless of the fact that the PATTERN continues on. So, for example, assume I am recording a set of PATTERNS and then select an ENDING PATTERN that is 4 bars in length. Everything sounds fine when I am recording. When the MIDI plays back, however, the recording STOPS right at the time that corresponds to my selection of the ENDING PATTERN (e.g. midi note E1). The actual MIDI data corresponding to the ENDING PATTERN does not play, however. This tells me that the Scratch Pad is only recording the Note-on events that I am triggering with the MIDI controller but not the actual midi data itself. I tried this experiment with the “Direct” setting, the “Midi” setting, the “1 Bar Count in” etc. settings but the result was always the same. The last bar of the recording is always truncated. This is frustrating and seems like a bug. Has anyone else experienced this (or better yet solved it)?