Scratchy pots on sound gear

I’m forced to start a major gear sell off as I’m being evicted I have a ton of older gear that’s in good shape but a few external fx,mixers and such have scratchy pots that generate static noise when rotated. I used to have a can of pot lubricant purchased from Radio Shack years ago. Anyone have a brand or solution they use?

Also, any knowledge of good gear selling sites beyond EBay??

Mr. M,

Check out the variety of electronics cleaners made by CRC. They make tons of spray products used for myriads of uses and electronics is only one of them. I have used it before but don’t recall the exact name as I am writing this… But CRC is the brand

jeez, that bites… you got a place to go? :open_mouth:

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Stay strong.

Aloha M and +1.

‘Deoxit’ is what you want.

Expensive tho’.
Comes in three flavors (metal/plastic/gold).
Approx $20-30 a can.

Sending much aloha and good luck.

Not a big fan of contact cleaners in general and the lubricating types in particular.

Although the lubricating kind can work in the short term, the film of lubricant they leave behind just attracts more crud in the long term.

The non lubricating kind can be better, but can also wash off any lubricant that’s supposed to be there.

Neither kind can fix worn pots and faders, only replacement can do that.

Also both kinds can wash a film of crud onto any electronics that may be surrounding the component being cleaned.

Best to gain access to the component by stripping the box down and apply directly to component wiping up any mess with some alcohol and re lubricate if needed (to the correct place/s) or replace the component with a new one.

Sad news. :frowning:

Back in the day we used to use carbon tetrachloride (a drycleaning chemical) there was nothing better, but that’s no longer allowed unfortunately. All the products mentioned heretofore are good, also simple isopropyl alcohol (put in an atomizer if required) is probably the next best thing. The CRC product I believe also contains a special lubricant for pots. (Whatever you do, don’t use WD-40 :astonished: like an aquaintance of mine did :laughing: )

Thanks for the sentiments and suggestions everyone.Steve, regarding Ebay, I’m just put off by the seemingly long process of having to build up a trusted seller status. I have always used Craigslist for selling and haven’t had any issues even here in San Francisco.Usually I’ve found musicians to be a different breed than those selling cars or such. Its been a while though. I will need to begin the Ebay process, likely with something small and work up. I will send out a list of items to anyone interested in the next day or 2.

Use Caig Deoxit D5. Nothing else!

Good luck with finding a new home and fixing your gear!
I’d love to hear what you have on offer, but shipping across the ocean isn’t very practical :wink:

I have a list for anyone interested

Hope the move goes well and your next place exceeds your expectations.

CAIG Pro Gold G5 is what I use here if ever needed.