Screaming Fan in laptop

Sorry I didnt see where you said it was coming from CPU fan. This could be a hardware issue, I have heard that it happens randomly before. I would surely call Apple Care and have them note issue for you.
Have u tried Running VSL in 64bit? Are you using VSL ensemble Pro or running with standard VSL interface? I have switched from Mac to PC but used to run VSL on Mac and the VSL is a processing beast that won’t run properly in 32bit (omg especially doing a symphony) :frowning: lol.
To boot in 64 bit hold down the 6 & 4 keys when powering on and don’t forget to set Cubase to run in 64 bit also. To confirm you have proper firmware for 64bit on mac you can go to terminal and type “ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi” Here is where I got that info
Let me know how it works for you too. I gave up on my Mac because VSL GUI didn’t work properly in 64bit a while ago but heard they got issues straightened out. I might switch back. Please PM me if you get VSL working properly in 64bit

It happens rarely, but when the fans really kick in in my macbook pro 15inch 1011, they are really “blowing”. Sounds like a hair dryer… My wife once asked, what is that noise?..well it where my macbook’s fans…

Coming from Windows PC’s and laptops (switched July) I am quite disappointed in this…In my experience Mac does dislikes flash a lot.


Form over function.

Macbooks, good looking things but where are the holes for letting cool air in and hot air out?

It looks like the metal case is one big big heatsink, the internal fans just seem to swirl the air around the innards, almost like the designers didn’t want to spoil the looks by putting in proper ventilation.

I would in that case either make sure plenty air can circulate under the machine by propping it up or to increase the heatsinking by placing the base on a larger cooling surface, granite, metal or some other impractical surface capable of good thermal transfer.

Or drill lots of holes in the thing to let the screaming fans out :mrgreen:

You could consider putting your macbook in a bath of salad oil, this conducts a lot of heat and no electricity so it’s perfectly safe. not sure about warranty though.

Well, lots of real good advice. Thanks to all. I am positive the noise is not coming from the hard drive, because samples are being triggered from external drive. Good to know it is nothing to worry about. Also, not using VSL on this, just using 4 instances of EWQL PLAY engine with symphonic orchestra platinum. Which brings me to another question, that I am having difficulty getting answered. I have also ruled out dust, because I had the machine open when I upgraded my HD, and it was clean as a whistle inside. I am going to get a laptop cooler, so thanks for that advice. I think I just figured this out though. External HD is connected to MacBook Pro via express card slot with eSATA. The fan that is screaming after a couple of minutes of playback or even editing is the one on the side where the express card is connected. I bet the express card is generating the heat in the data transfer, and is causing the fan to increase.

This kind of confirms my wish to get a new MacBook pro with thunderbolt technology and 8 gb of ram. The thunderbolt portwould transfer data at 10 times the speed of eSATA 3 gbits, and lacie makes a portable thunderbolt HD

Oh, and some free advice for all of you. I purchased a G-Tech Mini Raid external drive about 6 months ago, and put 2 hybrid drives in it, to increase transfer speeds and be more portable. When one of the drives failed about 2 months ago, I thought it was the Hybrid drives, so I out two new non Hybrid drives in it. It just failed again, so I think it is now the G Raid Mini, not the drives. Don’t waste HR money if your thinking about buying one.

I guess I should have defined screaming fan. I do not mean that the fan is making abnormal noises, or that my sister is seeing me doing anything and since I build my own computers as well, I know all about how to dress wires, (have fun with that one). I have had the MAC Book Pro, (Key Term - so BOIS does not apply) open to upgrade my HD to a bigger one, and all the components including wires were put back exactly wehere they were before opened. I mean that the RPM’s of the fan are extremely high at certain points during recording or playback, and they do not calm down until about 30 seconds after the stop button in cubase is pressed. This has never happend beofre and the computer is only 2 years old, but then again, I never did an orchestration with a symphony before either. I have notied that the Fan that is out of control is located near or right next to the Expresscard slot where I have an eSATA expresscard connected to my external drive that is supplying the samples. I notice that the expresscard card gets really hot. So, I guess I will find out when I buy a newer model with thunderbolt and I won’t need the expresscard anymore.