Screaming Fan in laptop

I need some help tracking down a problem. I recently put a Seagate Momentus Hybrid drive in my MAC Book Pro which boosts to be twice as fast as a normal hard drive. My samples are tiggered from an external e-SATA drive connected to an express card. I am in the process of writing a symphony and using 4 instances of EWQL SO Platinum PLAY triggereing several Sting Divisi sections and Horns and Woodwinds. I have so far completed about 5 minutes of the symphony. After playback 1 or 2 times, the Fans in my MAC Book Pro begin to Scream until I hit stop and wait for them to clam down. So, I think it is a heat related issue, but I cannot tell if it is the HD or the processor. I have 6 gb RAM installed but I think I am running in 32 bit. Not sure. I have loaded the VST performance module and it barely reads 25% usage on ASIO drive and the Disk usage is at 0. The utility on my mac for processes does not reveal any over taxing of the system. Can someone please shed some light on this! Is there a setting somewhere to optimize? It worries me to hear the fan scream that high?



Probably just caught a wire somewhere. That will sound a bit drastic but is a simple fix. Open it up or send it back under guarantee. You’ll either have to remove or tape the wire up, maybe unplug or replace the fan if no trapped wires are evident.

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Thanks fr the fun, but quite serious about this. Screaming fan means extremely fast which means the computer detects heat. Has anyone seen this when using a lot of vsti’s.

That´s probably why they build fans into computers at all - because they do get hot under certain circumstances…

My previous answer WAS serious. I know computers, I build my own. Fans scream horribly if they catch on any obstacle inside the computer or they get fluff or fibres obstructing the fan’s movement.
Win 7 has tool to tell you the temperature of the computer and if you bought a commercial package the motherboard (probably pre-installed) will have tools for this as well.
If the tools do indicate a very high temperature then you need to send the computer back or get it repaired as it could indicate a faulty CPU.
Incidentally, which fan is it? There are small fans to cool the motherboard and a great big fan for the CPU plus cooling fans both input and /or output, one for the PSU and possibly one for the ram as well (unlikely). At least three.

Quite a bunch of fans for a laptop.

New Mac Book Pro - Now with PSU-fan! :wink:

Yes, Conman, yours I did take seriously, the others well… I will be polite. Understand what you are talking about and agree. Computer is a Mac Bbok Pro, I thought I mentioned that, so no such thing as a fan over the CPU. Basically, the fan increases with the use of samples, which oddly enough are triggered from an external drive. S, I am beginning to think that the processor is working overtime processing the audio, and I cannot figure out why. Never noticed before, but then again, never triggered a full orchestra before with 4different divisi sections pluse brass and woodwind compliment. Now, it makes the MIDI do funky things as well.

Sorry. My omission. So which fan is screaming? The air input fan or the drive? I have seen computers with rather a lot of debris blocking the air intakes which heats things up a lot.
After you get the screaming I’d suggest you leave it for a while and then reboot and go into your BIOS settings and look at the system temperatures there which might give an indication of CPU or motherboard problems.
To get into the BIOS you should see an indication of the buttons to press as you boot up but they can appear and disappear distressingly quickly so it might take a few runs to get there.

BIOS settings???

I would get an application called iStat Pro. This little app tell you all sort of information about your computer including the temperature of all your components in your Mac computer. Give it a shot and upgrade your laptop to a desktop for your serious work :slight_smile: Highly recommended.

…and make sure to check those BIOS settings. Oh…wait…you’re on a Mac. There AREN’T any BIOS settings. Never mind.

She may have tried to throw various clothing items at you, which are now insulating various parts of the computer and causing the heat. Were you playing a cover of “She Loves You” when the problem began?


Your problem sounds normal because 2011 macbooks has pretty powerful cpus and hardware. When I work with cubase my macbooks fan always hit 6000 RPM. And macbooks has 2 fans. You do not have to worry about it. CPU heat is like 80C degree and your mac has to cool it down with its own fan.

Also I recommend you to use laptop cooler under your macbook pro or lift it up to have more air circulation.

Very good advice. Heat can become a huge issue when running the CPU at near maximum for sustained periods (e.g. working on a project with an entire orchestra of sampled instruments)–especially with a laptop. A cooling platform can help keep temperatures a little lower during heavy use.

+1. My macbook pros fan screaming even if I watch some HD silverlight or flash movies on webs. This is pretty normal.

Screaming fan is as indicated in this post. Fans to my knowledge go bad for one of two reasons, and they rarely fail. Bad fan, or bearings…or something is making contact with it. Are you sure it is fan and not hard drive making noise?