Screen blank in page view, fine in galley view

I opened a file today and the page view was completely blank in all modes. Switching to galley view makes everything appear and work as normal. It was fine last night, and I saved before quitting - the only thing I can think of that may have disrupted things is that I force closed the Steinberg Hub during shutdown, but I definitely saved and closed the file before that happened. Any ideas what I did to break it?

Here’s what it looks like on opening in page view:

Here’s the file: example.dorico (927.6 KB)

Not sure as to how exactly the one thing caused the other, but I noticed that the first “bar” was a) weirdly long and b) empty. Deleting it (Shift+B, -1) fixed the issue.

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Bravissimo! I think it may have held over some weird formatting settings from the Photoscore XML export which didn’t materialise until I’d deleted the bars before it. Thanks for solving that one

There’s also a bizarre tiny mystery bar sandwiched between bars 1 & 2. If you select it in the System Track and delete it then everything is fine too.

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There are a lot of notational oddities in the rest of the file as well, which might take quite some time to track down and fix. With a bit of experience, re-typing from scratch is often quicker than sorting out everything that gets lost in translation.

In this case I just needed some quick notes in Dorico for reference, they’re not staying in the final version. To give Photoscore its due - putting in a PDF and getting an XML out of the other end (including correcting rhythm/tuplet mistakes) took about 20 minutes. If you could recreate that score from scratch in Dorico in less than 20 minutes I’d be pretty impressed!

If you include the time you lost by having to post here, I can definitely beat that :wink: And who knows what other invisible guff may still be lurking in this file to cause you trouble down the line…