Screen capture software?

A while back, someone on the forum here recommended some software to do a video screen capture… I have been searching the forum for a half hour and I cannot find the post… it’s driving me crazy.

Anyway, can someone recommend a program? I’m having a small issue in Wavelab and I want to be able to do a video to show what’s happening. Worst case, I guess I can just hold up my cell phone to do it, but I’d like to find the capture program that had been recommended before.


Free one (good, no video):

Free one (gif)

Paid one (the best, with video)

I think the one discussed here before was LICEcap:
EDIT: URL doesn’t work since the site is c o c k o :wink:

Awesome - thanks guys!

There’s also built-in recording in Windows 10 if you have the Game Bar turned on in Windows settings. The shortcut is then Windows-key and G. You need to tell it that the app you’re recording is a game, and it’s helpful to remove the app/game association with the Gear icon afterward, but other than that it seems to work ok.