Screen doesn't follow playback line

Hi there!

I’ve been running into a strange bug. The playback line, which does follow the music, is not followed in turn by the screen. It runs out of view and then some seconds after the screen follows it and this happens every time. I tried attaching a video of this, but I couldn’t, so here’s a link to it instead:

Thanks for your help!

Please search the forum before you post - this issue seems to come up every week.

So we are not alone.
I and others have the same problem.

Thanks for your reply, @pianoleo. I did search the forum and saw the thread you mentioned, but my issue is slightly different. The audio and playback line are in sync, it’s just that the screen won’t follow either one of them. It stays put, if you will. Did you see the video I attached?

Make sure in the Preferences > General > [all the way down] Play — Follow playhead during playback is ticked

Thanks for the reminder, Marc. It was already turned on, though…

This thread is certainly about the same problem. Ignore the first few posts and look at the ones that have shown up in the past couple of weeks:

For me this only happens in Galley view, in page, engraving and play mode it follows fine… Weird.

Yes, likewise!

Yes, it does happens sometimes to me too (again) with a new project.
I open an old project, delete everything, then start the new project - during playback no refresh of the screen.
After saving and reopening no problems with the playback line anymore.

There have been two solutions suggested: switch (temporarily):

  1. between Modes (e.g. to Play then back to Write)
  2. between one sample rate and another (Edit > Device Setup)

Neither of those works for me; I now have to restart Dorico Pro 2 every time; and it does also occur in Page View; and almost always after an hour or two (or more) of working.

Daniel and the team know about it and are working for a fix.

One theory is that another audio application is ‘hijacking’ Dorico’s audio engine.

Maybe a poll or survey on which other (such) software those of us who are experiencing this have installed is appropriate?

Good luck!

I have VE Pro, hosting Vienna’s own player, multiple Kontakt instances and UVI player. If it helps…

Thank you, Bollen: I too have VEP and Ivory II - but I get the phenomenon also when they are not in use and not instantiated.

I’ve been aware of this happening for a while but haven’t followed up on it. I did so today and came across this thread. I checked the sample rates (all OK) and checked the preference settings (all OK). No other audio applications were running. The only thing that solved it was Mark’s approach of restarting Dorico. Before I did, however, I noticed a couple of things.

  1. The screen stopped following the green playback line at the same place every time (around 160 bars in)
  2. I duplicated the flow to another flow to see what would happen and from the start of the new flow the screen wouldn’t follow the playback line.

ETA: I’ve just seen Daniel’s post at the end of the other thread. Excellent news that it appears to have been solved and I look forward to the next update.