Screen Flicker

About every ten minutes, I see a line flash briefly on my monitor. I would normally assume that it is a monitor issue, but it happens both on my MacBook Pro AND my MacPro running OS Catalina, and only while running Dorico 3.1.10. Never had a problem with versions 1 & 2 Anyone else had the same problem?

Is your autosave interval 10 minutes?

Do you have utilities like KeyCue installed: I have seen them flash briefly because they want to help me with a keyboard shortcut etc?

Does this happen on both the MBP’s built-in screen, and the Pro’s external screen, or on the same display when used with each Mac?

I’ve not seen this on my two Macs.

Thanks for the suggestions. Now that I have switched OFF auto-save, the problem has disappeared completely. Strange, but I’m glad to have gotten rid of the issue.