Screen gets dimmer and dimmer

I SWEAR, NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE RUN INTO THIS BUT… I have had this happen on two separate test PROJECTS. I’m still on Day1 with Cubasis, but not a newbie to iPad DAWs.

The screen slowly starts to dim, until it’s almost dark. Switching to other apps show other apps are normal, just the Cubasis app is mysteriously dim. I can X the program out and restart it, which restores the brightness, but that’s a pain when you have three instruments ganged through Audiobus. The dimming is gradual. Oddly, the HELP tab remains normal and does not dim! Is there an on/off switch somewhere?

Not sure if it’s:

  • AUDIOBUS; which puts Cubasis into background mode, but why dim the screen?
  • a hidden toggle somewhere that’s putting it into night driving mode (LOL)
  • ill conceived power management feature

What am I doing wrong? Point is, it’s only happening in Cubasis and nowhere else. I am running Cubasis on an iPad3 with Audibus, DrunJam, interfacing through an Alesis IO4 with mics and the camera connector.


you are not the first one to run in this issue. We know this issue and we are investigating a fix.

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Thanks Frieder, hope it gets fixed soon. It happens fairly quickly and is a show stopper unless you like working in pitch dark. Otherwise, the app is pretty amazing, especially with Audiobus.

I have got exactly the same phenomenon.
It would be great to fix the bug :smiley:

I tried reinstalling Cubasis and it didn’t make the problem go away (I didn’t think that it would, but it never hurts to try). I love the app, but this is a serious problem. Please, please fix this problem. If you can’t do a maintenance update before you put out 1.3, I understand. Thanks!


it is not necessary to reinstall Cubasis if you run into this problem. The workaround that we recommend is to restart the app.

  1. Press home button
  2. Double tap the home button (a bar showing the running apps appears at the bottom)
  3. Tap and hold the Cubasis icon (icons start to jiggle)
  4. Tap the red icon at the Cubasis icon (Cubasis icon disappears)

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Thank you for your reply. I already know that starting the app again fixes the dim screen for about 1 hour before the screen dims again. It got so dark that I could not edit anything. Will this be fixed in the update? I will hang in there with it until then, but I need to know that it’s more than an investigation. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Any word on whether or not the screen dimming bug has been fixed in the new update and also, when is the update due to be released? Cubasis is a great app and I am not abandoning it, but quite frankly, this dimming bug is a pain to be dealing with. And having to restart it is inconvenient, especially during moments of intense work. Please reply one way or the other. Thank you very much.

I’m trying to use Cubasis on my iPad 4 in the front seat of my Jeep (not even in direct sunlight) and the screen is so dim that it is impossible to use Cubasis. The screen doesn’t go dim slowly, it is always dim even when indoors.
Steinberg must realize that the reason people are using the app on a mobile platform is so that they can go out of the house and make music.
I’ll have to go back to GarageBand until this issue is fixed.


I am sure that I am telling you something that you already know: Since you say that your screen is always dim, have you checked the brightness settings of your iPad? If they are set too low or set to auto you might experience such problems.

We know about the problem with the dimming, however this is the first report of the interface being always dim.

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we plan to release the update soon (~mid of April). Sorry, I cannot give you definite answer regarding whether this fix will be part of the update at the moment.

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I believe it needs to be essential that this fix be part of this next update. I am definitely a fan of Cubasis and will continue to use it. However I consider this problem to be serious enough to merit immediate attention. It is absolutely annoying to have to restart the program in order to get it to be bright again. I have even tried turning off automatic brightness on my iPad thinking that might solve the problem. It did not. I believe that a maintenance update is in need. And I don’t think that I’m alone on this issue. Thank you.


Do you remember the exact steps to reproduce the error?
And also, did you notice if darkness came suddenly or if the screen faded out (with the speed of a popup fading in)?

Thank you for your feedback!

I observed it happening gradually. It seems that as I edit regions more, the screen slowly starts to dim. I have used the program in good lighting, so that isn’t an issue.
I am concerned that i am only getting a response about this now. There are others aside from me who are having this problem with the screen dimming. Have they said anything to you? I thought that Frieder said in a previous post that you guys were aware of this problem. This was a month ago. This doesn’t sit well with me. The workaround of rebooting the program is not practical at all. Let me state again that I love the program and will not delete it. I just think that this issue is being ignored up until now. Other apps that I use have been more actively doing maintenance updates when needed. Thank you for your response.


I have good news to share. We are very certain that we have identified and fixed the cause of this issue. You can expect a fix in Cubasis 1.4 at the latest.

Thanks for your patience and kind regards,

Frieder, that is great news! As I said my previous posts I would not stop using Cubasis,it’s great. Thank you for letting us know this. Incidentally, adding EQ was a great move.

Thank you. Really want to stick with Cubasis. Look forward to fix