Screen jumps between modes

Hi all,

I know there have been previous threads related to this but not for a while. I noticed that in Dorico 4 there is a significant performance increase for me switching between modes which is absolutely

Also for the first time for me, when switching between modes and nothing is selected the view stays where it is. However when anything is selected the view jumps over and back. I attached a video of the behaviour. I can see it is seems to be due to the side panels loading. I switch between Write and Engrave mode almost constantly in my workflow, as I am sure many others might. The visual glitch really adds up over time and becomes extremely fatiguing actually. Remembering to unselect before switching is too tricky also as the changing between modes is instinctual at this stage, as well as the problem with zooming out while having nothing selected; the score goes to the start (as covered in other threads).

Is there something I can do now to fix this? If not I would recommend if possible that this might be a relatively higher priority issue than it might seem. It does seem to really add to overall fatigue in a session.


Apologies to bump this, but I am wondering if this is a glitch I can address or expected behaviour?