Screen real estate.

In cubase, the top menu bar for the app (file, edit, view etc) also displays the project title in the middle of this menu bar. In Dorico, this is twice as large. The title of the project has it own complete space above the menu bar. If this could be integrated like it is cubase, some pixels could be saved. It may seem trivial, but I believe this would assist users on small screens looking to gain a few pixels.

Does F11 and Ctrl-6 accomplish what you want? F11 maximizes the screen hiding the bar with the title of the project. Ctrl-6 hides the bar with the Modes and Playback transport. I often invoke both of these when working on a laptop.

It’s not straightforward using the Qt application framework to unify the menu bar and the window title bar, so I wouldn’t expect this to change any time soon.

The OP is talking about how Cubase behaves on Windows. // I guess this design was instroduced since Cubase 8 or later.
I wonder whether the window title bar and the top tool bar can be merged together for both macOS and Windows version of Dorico.

Shiki, I perfectly understood what Luke was asking about. In any case I don’t think it is a good idea to merge the title and menu bars, as there is a negative impact on usability (you no longer have a large target to click on in order to manipulate or move the window).

Fire up cubase on a windows machine Daniel. Have a quick look. I think it’s wonderful.

I’ve seen it, Luke. Opinions vary as to whether or not it’s wonderful. We have no current plans to do this in Dorico.

Hello dear colleagues and team,
I support the screen estate suggestion. Surely it will save a lot of screen space, especially if you are using two Dorico windows on single screen.
On the screenshot you can see in the enclosed in red zones, which can be reduced:

In previous feature request I’d asked for workflow improvement, which will also solve the screen spacing “problem”:

I still hope the team will be able to see the positives in bringing an instant access to the Piano Roll in Write Mode > Galley View.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best regards,