Screen Redraw/Item Select

I’ve got a bug going on…
At random times, Dorico will stop refreshing/redrawing the screen after I’ve clicked on things.
For example: I was just working. I clicked on a quarter note. Nothing on the screen changed. Then I dragged the score in a little circle to change it’s position on the screen, and my quarter note was highlighted.
Then I wanted to delete the contents of a whole measure. So I clicked in the measure. Nothing was highlighted. Wiggle the screen again, and the highlight appears.

Now - in Dorico’s inner workings, I can click to select, and without seeing the highlighted material, I can still interact with it… e.g. moving a pitch up or down, deleting content, changing a rhythmic value, etc. But if I want to SEE what I’m doing, I need to wiggle the screen.

Again, this isn’t constant - it happens intermittently. Once it starts acting up, the only fix is to Quit Dorico altogether and relaunch.

For simple, minor editing tasks, this isn’t terrible - just a pain in the butt. But if I’m really in the groove and wanting to write, it’s pretty awful. Like typing in Word without a cursor.

You are in a Mac, I presume? The team has stated they are aware, but they have difficulty to reproduce the conditions in which it occurs, and, as such, what might be the cause.

Usually changing mode or switching between page or galley view clears it — for a bit.

I searched and saw some other posts about screen redraw…I interpreted the descriptions as something different, hence my posting. My mistake!

No problem, hopefully I correctly understood what you said. But you are on Mac, right? That might be helpful for the team to know.

Correct. OS Sierra. 10.12.6

In fact we have fixed this problem now, so you only have to live with it for a little while longer, until the new update is available.


Good to hear, also for you guys since it is frustrating to have framework related bugs like this.

Was this isolated to macOS? I thought I noticed a similar issue on Windows but it might have been something else.

In fact the bug was in cross-platform code, but the consequences of the bug appeared to be much more severe on macOS than on Windows, which is to say that it must have been causing some problems on Windows, but we never saw any evidence of that.