Not to add noise here, but I wanted to share an easy way to post screenshots that is a HUGE improvement over the previous forum. If everyone else already knows this, feel free to ignore, but I’m pretty excited…

You can copy-paste images directly into a post. On Windows, I use Greenshot for screen captures. I’m sure there are comparable programs on Mac. It’s as easy as pressing PrtScr, selecting an area, copying, and pasting into the post. Amazing…


For animated GIFs, I use ScreentoGif. Again, I’m sure there are comparable programs on Mac, which maybe other can chime in with.


You should also find that you can now directly attach a Dorico project without first zipping it up, and the attachment size limit has been raised from 2MB to 4MB.


That was going to be my next question. Thank you.

@pianoleo what do you use on Mac?

There’s also Licecap which I believe is now on OSX as well as Windows. Very useful app, despite the dreadful name (especially for those of us that grew up in the UK).


Greenshot for screenshots, and mostly Giphy Capture for gifs (though now also ScreenFlow). I haven’t yet investigated what the resolution limits are, here - cropping/resizing to 700px wide is now a reflex here!

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…and don’t forget the name of the company that make LICEcap - it’s almost as ridiculous :crazy_face:

Are other common file types that people might want to post allowed too? Like doricolib, PDF, etc.?

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You can post PDF and MP3 files. .doricolib files are not currently permitted but we can have a think about whether that’s a good idea.

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You don’t need third-party software to capture a portion of your screen — just press Shift+Win+S on Windows, or Shift+Cmd+4 on Mac. Drag over the desired area, then paste in a forum post to attach!


That depends on what you’re doing :wink:
It can be quite handy to be able to annotate stuff before pasting it elsewhere, e.g.

I use MS Paint for that: cropping, annotating, and resizing.

In Windows you can just use Win + Shift + S and select the desired area

The reason I use Greenshot is that it includes a number of other features that I find handy. And it stays out of the way, so it’s not a program I have to launch or think about.

It also works nicely with getpaint.NET.

Cmd+shift+4 works just fine for simple annotations (“simple” being the key, I admit); all you have to do is click on the little preview that pops up in the corner and then it enlarges itself and offers the annotations bar.

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Also, this is a helluvan upgrade to the old way of doing things. Goodness me this is exciting.

Fair enough.

The main advantages to Greenshot were:

  1. Resize was on a keyboard shortcut.
  2. It was a single click to both upload to imgur and load the clipboard (silently) with the image’s url.

This forum doesn’t need either of those things, and at some point the facility described as “2.” above was disabled - something to do with GDPR if I remember correctly.

I guess I don’t need Greenshot any more…

Daniel, the “help us help you” thread needs a quick update as it still states 2mb.

I’ve now done that.


And to add to that: press Shift-Cmd-3 to take a screenshot of the entire screen; press Shift-Cmd-4 and then Spacebar to take a screenshot of one specific window (move the mouse pointer over the window of your choice).