Screwed up Channel Settings Window GUI

Had a great day with Cubase 10 yesterday, but today my Channel Settings are all screwed up (see attached screen). In past versions you could reopen or resize the window to fix the problem, but in V10 nothing seems to work.

If I start in safe mode, the Channel Settings windows behaves normally.

How can I fix the problem without wiping my prefs, which will take many hours/days to reconfigure to my taste.




Once the Channel Settings window is open click to the Window menu > Windows. In the Windows window select the Channel Settings window, and click to Reset Layout button.

The Channel Settings window will close. Once you open it, it will be opened with the correct size.

Channel Settings window is not resizable anymore.

Thanks you :slight_smile: Fixed.

If you disable “Show Signal Path” this glitch won’t happen (at least for me). I got uset to just show the signal path if really needed. Otherwise I let this setting off.

It’s a shame that this glitch still occures and isn’t fixed already!

This problem has reappeared after loading tracks from previous project, but your solution no longer works. After selecting Reset Layout, nothing happens.

Anything else to try, other than trashing prefs, which seems to work? But I really don’t want to have to rebuild all my prefs :-/

Thank in advance


Are you sure you select the Channel Settings Window in the Windows window? Did the Channel Settings Window close after click to the button?

Yes, followed all steps exactly. The Channel Settings window remains open. Today is a new day, and still unable to get it to display correctly. See attached


I can’t reproduce it on my side. Could you attach an example project, please?

Managed to reset the window from within another project. But why is this happening? It’s quite a convoluted process to reset it to normal behaviour. Am I the only person having this issue?

OK, so a new day and the same problem. Why is this happening EVERY time I restart Cubase? Hope this can be nailed down and fixed.


Do you use Workspaces? In the window size stored in the Workspace?

Yes I do actually. Let me try updating my workspaces and report back. Thanks :slight_smile:

:point_right: Cubase PRO 10 Win:
:heavy_check_mark: Solution to the error:
I have seen that many of you have this graphic problem, what you have to do is restore the workspace.
Window menu > Windows. In the Windows window select the Channel Settings window, and click to Reset Layout button.
You can create a personal one that you can update and when the error returns apply the workspace.
Everything returns to its place :wink:

Solución al error:
He visto que muchos tenéis este problema gráfico, lo que tenéis que hacer es restablecer el espacio de trabajo.
Menú de la Windows> Ventanas. En la ventana de Windows, seleccione la ventana Configuración de canal y haga clic en el botón Restablecer diseño.
Podéis crear uno personal que puedes actualizar y cuando vuelva el error aplicar el espacio de trabajo. Todo vuelve a su sitio.

Thanks Carlos Mariño for giving me the solution! I went to the window menu, and there in windows: Window>Windows… There you have some options for closing, reset… It didn’t work at first but I tried in the different options and it worked. Then, as Carlos recommends, I created a workspace to apply in case this happens again. Thank you all!

Now more time to work :wink: , it’s a pleasure to help.

OK, so after resetting the window and re-saving my screen sets, the problem persists. Screenshot and project file attached. (25.6 KB)


The solution have some conditions/limitations. Read my comment here, please.

I’ve started to run into this problem aswell. The workaround mentioned works but can Steinberg just fix this already. We shouldn’t have to do these little things just to get things working as they should.

I’m getting this issue in C 10.0.10.
Can’t reset edit channel window. I spent quite a bit of time creating a templet that is useless now.

This isn’t acceptable and needs to be fixed.