Scribble Strips Not Showing - Again

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this:

I opened a project built in Cubase 7.0.3 and the scribble strips will not show. The top of the appear briefly when I max out the channel with, but otherwise they do not appear.

This did NOT happen in earlier saved versions using 7.0.3. I have not intentionally modified any parameters. If I inadvertently used a key command it’s a mystery.

The scribble strips show in other mixer views (1 and 3), just not in the saved mixer view (2). I had this happen with a few projects in earlier versions of 7. There was no answer at that time, other than to suggest it was something that would hopefully be address in an update.


User error?

Open the setup window layout (button top far left) and check if the Notepad is checked for the mixer view in question.
If however by scribble strips you mean the track labels right at the bottom, try changing the screen modes.

Hi BriHar,

Thanks for the response. My problem relates to the track labels.

For reasons I don’t quite understand, I’ve found out that the track labels disappear from view when I modify the channel selector.

These screen caps show what I mean.

Cap 1. Note that channels from my D-Box are selected to appear in the mixer:

Cap 2. You can see that when I deselect them, the track labels vanish (presumable outside of the window):

I really don’t understand the behavior here. I do not recall this in earlier versions. Surely, the mixer should resize itself?