Script to write lyrics faster (Win Only)

Hi guys,

I am writing an opera for a Project to input a translated lyric. Because I know Dorico doesn’t have tools to input lyrics easily, I wrote a simple script with AutoHotkey to do it for me. I would like to give my little piece of contribution here sharing it with you. In the zip file I wrote the instructions.

This video shows it working:


I hope it helps!

Great, thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately I get lots of trouble with my antivirus programs with your files. I don’t think it’s anything wrong with them but I do not want to turn of the antivirus just to run them.

Would you consider just sharing the AHK scripts in plain text instead of converted to .exe?


Here it is: (1.02 KB)

Thanks Filipe.
After all I managed to run the .exe without problems. Works very well, most useful!

I used your script today, and it worked beautiful!
I’m working with lyrics a lot so your script is very welcome! Thank you very much indeed.