Scripting for batch changes?

I recently finished a hymnal that’s comprised of 310 Dorico files, one file per song. The pages are 6x9 inches.

I’m getting ready to work on a wirebound edition that will be 7x10 inches, with chord symbols above the staff. So I need to create a duplicate for every file, to which I need to make the following changes:

  • increase page size
  • decrease margins slightly
  • increase staff size by about 10%
  • increase lyric font size slightly

Is there a way to automate this at all? I know I can use Stream Deck, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way, using scripting (which I know very little about).

Or I’m wondering if it might just be easier to open the PDF in Acrobat Pro, “print to PDF” to the new page size, and choose Fit to Page.

Thanks in advance.

For speed, I’d definitely try

For doing within Dorico, it should be simple enough to set a new set of Layout Options as default, then restore that default to each file; this will take care of page size, margins and staff size (though if there are other differences in Layout Options between hymns it won’t be this simple). Are your text sizes absolute or relative? That’ll need thought…