Scripting for Custom Audio CD Report

Trying to get a simple numbered list of tracks and performer names in a Audio CD Report. Ran across this script
And it gives me 2/3 or what I need. What is the script variable for the track performer?

Is there a list of scripting variables available?

Sorry, not possible, there is no support for CD Text in this format.

There is NO variable for Performer? Odd… I thought it was in WL5. I am about to upgrade to WL8. Is this capability back in WL8?
What I am looking for is a way to generate a simple list (as I gave an example previously) so I can save this list to a txt file or copy it to the clipboard and use it in a CD label printing program for my Epson Artisan 50 printer. Is there any other way to do this besides retyping the whole thing in the other software? WL 7 or WL8?? If not, this would be a feature request. as I said, the script loop you gave gives me 2/3 of what I need.

Does anyone else have this need? If so, how do you handle it?

It was not possible in WaveLab 5 either.
But in WaveLab 8, you have more possibilities, with the CD report. There is no specific command to do exactly what you request, but not far. For instance, you could generate an XML file with the CD Track name + CD Text. You can then cut out (using any text editor) the non-needed CD Text to only get the info you need. This will save you typing.

How would I do “you could generate an XML file with the CD Track name + CD Text”?

In WaveLab 8 (not 7), you can choose this option:
This will generate an XML file with possibily more data than you need (eg. CD Text), but it’s easy to remove. I mean, it’s easier to remove existing text than type new text. That’s the idea.