Scripting Language


Just a small request…

Will you please provide us with a scripting language by tomorrow (06/02/17) so we can create plugins.

Lua programming language

No seriously…why did you guys include a “Macro” function in Dorico?


Paul discussed this very recently in this thread.

You’re kidding me…and I thought I was just trying to stir a bit. But it’s VERY good news Daniel. :slight_smile:

So it’s 2019. Any updates on scripting in cubase or dorico, Steinberg?



Wpostma, there’s about 280 pages of Version History detailing what the Dorico team have been doing over he past two years, here: and here:
Clue: it doesn’t involve scripting.

For Cubase, you’ll need to ask on the Cubase forum - it’s a different team of developers in a different country.