Scripting Older Project Files

I have been loading Cubase 7 projects into Cubase 10 which is a totally different environment. I do appreciate the files are recognized and easily configured.

What would be very nice: a script to take these Cubase 7 projects and modify them to operate in my new Cubase 10 environment.

These earlier projects used hardware for the individual outputs. Now I’m using a Steinberg UR-RTx device whereas I want to assign the audio outputs to the stereo buss. That alone would be wonderful.

As I understand it, the Cubase Project files are XML based files which would be a simple matter in the Mac shell environment, for example, to change one string to another, using a bash shell script. I could do this myself if I had a definitive list of keywords.

I have literally hundreds of projects. This would be and incredible time saver.

I should clarify; my Cubase 10 environment is on a different computer using the UR-RTx interface.
The older Cubase 7 environment used a Lynx AES card where I had 12 D/A converters.