Scripting question


I am unable to find any code example relating to the batch processors. I have searched the Windows scripting PDF for WL8.5 and the forum here with no luck. Specifically, I need to know the command to invoke the batch processor. I successfully used this to invoke the main application:

Dim app
Set app = CreateObject(“WaveLab8.Application”)
While app.IsReady() = False

Attempts to instantiate the batch processors window have been unsuccessful. I’m running the latest 32bit WaveLab and I do see Batch-specific entries in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (e.g. WaveLab8_5.BatchProcess and WaveLab8_5.BatchProcess.1).

Thanks for taking a look. Best regards.

This should work:

Dim batch
Set batch = CreateObject(“WaveLab8_5.BatchProcess”)

Note: use WaveLab8_5 and not WaveLab8