I’m trying to get started with scripting … I opened the help file and attempted to copy and paste a few of the simpler examples into the scripting window … every time I try to execute one of these scripts, Wavelab immediately crashes. For example, the first simple one that the help file recommends to try is:

logWindow.printInfo(“This file has " + activeWave.size() + " samples”);

When I try it, the program crashes … anybody have an idea?

Hmm, indeed, there is something broken. But this does not happen on the Mac. I could imagine a recent Windows system update is involved. I will will have to check this. Not simple at first sight.

Thanks, Phillipe … I thought perhaps the upgrade to V7.01 would solve it but it didn’t … I’m running Windows 7 Home Media 32-bit with an Intel i7 2.8 GHz processor and 2.99 GB of usable RAM if that helps …

Oops … I meant Philippe … sorry!

I found the problem. Will be fixed in 7.1.

Wonderful … I’ve lived this long without scripting, I guess I can survive a bit longer … and it’s very good to know that it wasn’t something I was doing wrong … thanks, Philippe.