Scroll Bar Not Working

Hopefully this is an easy fix but it is driving me crazy.

I have been using Cubase 5 essentials for several months, but just recently when I have been using the program, none of the scroll bars in the sequencing window work. I can’t adjust the zooms either. They all appear greyed-out. The only way to scroll through the project is to play the song with autoscroll on. Has anyone experienced this problem and fixed it before?


Can you click in the timeline and drag the cursor through the project? Same in a new blank project? Trash Prefs?

Yes I can click in the timeline and drag to scroll through the project

The scroll bars for the main cubase window (blank project) and other sub windows such as the pool and plugin information are working. It is only the project window that is giving me a problem.

another bit of information that might be helpful is that when I move my pointer over the scroll bar, it changes to the double headed arrow that normally shows up when adjusting the size of the window. clicking and dragging does nothing however. I can adjust the size of the project window when I move the pointer to the boarder of the window.