Scroll bars in Play mode

Hi friends! I don’t know if I’m using the correct term, but I can’t seem to locate the scroll bars (the bar I can drag with my mouse/trackball for navigating the piece) in Play mode. Am I missing something? It’s available in Write mode. Thanks for your time and help!

What version of Dorico and what version of which operating system are you using?

Hi Derrek! I’m using the latest version of Dorico on Mac OS Catalina (not sure which version; haven’t updated the OS in a while) on a rack-mounted MacPro 16 core.

At the present time, there are no scroll bars in the new Play mode; the expectation is that you can use your mouse wheel, trackpad or even click and drag with the mouse to scroll. We do plan to add scroll bars in future.

Thanks, Daniel! I do hope they return. I have a Kensington Trackball. The scroll wheel works in Write mode, but it doesn’t do a thing in Play mode. I’ll check and see if there is an update for the trackball.