Scroll Channel? MIDI Remote Mapping


In the new MIDI Remote I can’t find the function “Scroll Channel” that was used earlier in Generic Remote. Any solution?



What is suppose to do, please?

When the function “Scroll Channel” is mapped to a knob it lets you scroll through the channels back and forth, very convinient.


In which category is the command, please?

You can do the same with the Previous/Next Channel Bank, can’t you?

This is what it looks like in Cubase 11 with Generic Remote,

Cubase 11

That’s the command I can’t find in Cubase 12.
Although the commands Select Next Track and Select Previous Track can be used it would require two knobs (one for next and the other for previous) since only one command can be assigned.

Cubase 12

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You are right. As far as I know, it’s possible to script it.