Scroll horizontally in mixconsole?

Hello there,
I am searching for a convenient way to scroll/move horizontally in the mix console.
I know if you move your mouse to the bottom below the faders jo can scroll left/right by using the mousewheel, but it’s not fast to go always down there and even the scroll speed is really slow if you have a project with 100+ tracks. Plus i dont want to go near the track faders to accidentally move them.

Is there a way to use something like shift+Scroll (in the free space in the middle) like for example in the project window?
(I have got a lot of free space on the mixconsole, so touching the knobs/faders wouldnt be an issue)

Or even key commands like PageUp/PageDown where the window jumps to the next page?
(Home/End keys seem to do their job fine instead, PageUp/Down not)

I have seen you can move from left to right using the arrow keys, but they are also way too slow for this (and I am preferably looking for a way to do this with the mouse instead).


Maybe the fastest is to click to the Find Track/Channel button, and click to the channel from the list.

You can also use arrow left/right to select previous/next Channel in the MixConsole.

Hello there to you too,

Unfortunately there is no convenient way to scroll around the MixConsole in Cubase as of now.
Here’s a forum thread from the last year regarding this:

I personally was really hoping for the scrolling issues to finally go away this year… well, maybe this will make it to the next year’s improvement list… or not… you never know.

Workarounds suggested by Martin are fine, but then again a proper scrolling would be so much more convenient.

Yeah, while I must say I like using my mouse scroll for fader moves, it would not hurt to have the unused area in the mixconsole as an additional scrolling zone.

Does two finger scroll work horizontally on the mixer for Mac? Usually run on Windows so I’ve never tried.

Yes, this is a bug. It’s hard to understand why it hasn’t been fixed. The only thing I can figure is the Steinberg assumes you will always have a small number of tracks in your project and will never need to scroll the mix console. Here are a couple of discussions about the problem:


if this is still true, it is a huge issue