Scroll horizontally in the lower zone mixer

I have Cubase Pro 9.0.10 updated.

In the mix console I can scroll horizontally with the mouse wheel, but not in the lower zone mixer. Why?

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I’m also using Cubase 9.0.1 and can’t believe the scroll function is missing! This is hugely annoying in my workflow. Just switched from Ableton/Logic and thought I’d be able to work quicker… this is a big obstacle for me in terms of speed.

I am looking for this functioon too.

You have to put your mouse cursor over the scroll bar to scroll the lower zone mixer horizontally using the mouse wheel.

Im not sure if anyone else is bothered by this but the inconsistency between the main mixer (F3) and the lower zone mixer really interrupts my workflow. The main mixer allows you to scroll the length of the tracks in the window with the mouse’s jog wheel but the lower zone mixer requires you to navigate to a scroll bar to locate the kick track at the far left of the mixer.
When I am in a session and going back and forth between the main mixer and the project window and then try to look for a track using the lower zone mixer using the same jog wheel on my mouse nothing happens, I furiously repeat the action then remember that it does not work on the lower zone mixer is a massive waste of time over the course of a session.

Any chance we could fix this anytime soon?