Scroll line in score editor in page mode

I am doing arrangements for my choir in Cubase 10.5. When I go into score editor page mode there is no vertical line moving across to show where I am when I select auto scroll. The only indication that it is following the music is when it reaches a new page and changes to the next one.
I used to be able to see the line moving across the score but wonder if I have done something to hide it…but I can’t find it again!
I’m sure it’s very simple but maybe I am too!!!


Could you try to Disable Preferences from the Cubase Safe Start Dialog, please?

Sorry but that hasn’t seemed to work!

So maybe your position cursor is hardly visible.
The position cursor color was a new feature in 10.5 and by default it was set to white.
First check if it is enabled in: Preferences>Scores>Editing: “Show Position Cursor”
Then change “Project Cursor” color in: Preferences>Scores>Colors for Additional Meanings

Got it. Thank you so so much. It’s such a helpful tool to me with what I do.