Scroll Location Jumps Around in Editor


With the MIDI List Editor open I can select different parts in the arrange view and observe each newly selected part in the editor. I have use for this very often.

However, one thing that is really adding alot of extra “noise” to my workflow is that the scroll location does not stay the same, but jumps around as different parts are loaded.

I almost always want to examine either the very beginning of the data or the very end of the data (for each part). Sometimes I want to examine a specific offset (e.g. 3 bars) into the data (for each part).

In all these cases, I want the editor’s scrolling to remain where I put it as I select different parts.

Q1. Is there any design intention or logic to the current inconsistent behavior (I don’t see any, but maybe I’m missing it!).

Q2. Is there anything I can do now to make Cubase keep the scrolling where I put it?

Q3. If not, could you please “fix” this in an update? Pretty please ??


  • sj
    Scroll Location Jumps Around 03.jpg