Scroll mixer right to left

Anyone know if there is a way to scroll the mixer right or left using key commands or by scroll mouse wheel?
It’s a pain when having many tracks and have to keep pointing the mouse to the bottom of the mixer window to pull the scroll bar. Any shortcut to achieve this would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance

+1 for key commands…

I don’t know of any key commands but you can scroll it using your mouse scroll wheel once you placed the cursor on the mixer horizontal scrollbar.

Regards :sunglasses:

+1 would be nice

Thanks for your comment, much appreciated, however if I still have to go and position my mouse on that tiny scroll bar it kinda defeats the object. When working on all sorts of different stuff i wanna be able to scroll my mixer quickly to say track 57 without having to stop, go to the scroll bar, grab the bar and move it along…it’s just a bit of a tedious task when it can be so much more productive and speed up my workflow if I could set up for example my left and right arrow buttons on my keyboard to scroll through the mixer, that would be so helpful.

If anyone finds a way to do this i would be very grateful.

Thanks peeps