Scroll / View Beyond Last Part In Long Arrangements?

When working with long arrangements in the project window, there appears to be an initial maximum horizontal bar span of around 300 bars beyond which I am unable to scroll right or zoom out to view or edit past.

To go further right on the timeline beyond a last existing part (without recording something) the workaround I have been using is to move or copy a part such that it ends beyond the right edge of the project window - and then I can scroll or zoom out to see the trailing edge of the new part. Not a massive problem but finding it slightly gets in the way of workflow sometimes.

Seems to me there should be a way to scroll further out/right past the last part - but maybe this is by design and I am missing something - is there a preference setting I have overlooked or a workaround or mode of working such that I can get past this scroll/view limit?


Change the Project Duration in the Project Setup, please.

Ah thanks Martin, that works well. I never manually set a project duration before, wasn’t aware it was a manually settable parameter. Very good solution. I’ll set a larger than expected max arrangement length value for this in future, can’t see any downside to doing that…

I wonder would it be a useful enhancement to have the project auto-size and so be able to continue to auto-scroll whenever the user drags right, past the existing Project Duration limit?


This works once you record. If you reach the project duration while recording, the project duration is extended automatically. But not if you drag any event to the right, or if you just scroll to the right.