Scroll with Key Commands?

Hey Gang,

Anyone know of a way to scroll (Horizontally and Vertically) without a mouse? Are there any key commands that will do this?




you could use Fast Forward [Shift + Num +] and Fast Rewind [Shift + Num -] Key Commands, to move your cursor. If the Auto Scroll is switched On, then even the page scrolls with the cursor.

If the “Fast” is too fast to you, you could use just Forward [Num +] and Rewind [Num -] Key Commands.

Does it work to you? Do you want to scroll horizontally or vertically?

Thanks for the suggestion. Not quite what I meant though. I want to move the Scroll “Bars” at the bottom and side of the window without using a mouse. To where the whole screen moves, not just the cursor. Does that make sense?


Yes it makes sense to me. But I’m afraid it’s not possible to scroll just the “view”. So I sugfested this alternative.

Just what I wanted to know. Thanks Martin


Hi, mike

I agree with Martin. I think there are no any built-in ways to do that.

But if you have some sort of external program for keyboard-mouse macros control then you can easily achieve this.

I personally like the idea of periodical mouse abandoning for the health issues. The more moves for the right hand the better.
And after your post I decided to create such macros.
For example when I am pressing [ctrl-arrow right] an external program just moves mouse over right horizontal bar border - clicks LMB one time - and then moves mouse where it where. The same pattern with left/up/down.
You can try this method :slight_smile:

I will definitely use it now in my project navigation.
Thanks for the idea!

I usually navigate between tracks with the arrow keys to jump from track content to track control, left arrow, then down or up arrow to the track you want, then right arrow to go into the track content context again.
From here I use the + and - keys on the numeric keyboard to fast forward or backward as already mentioned.

You can jump between track content parts using left and right arrows as well.
Used in combination with the “Stationary Cursors” option this works quite well. (No page by page flicking)

What else do you need? :open_mouth:

Hey All,

I just wanted to let you know that I successfully setup keyboard scrolling macros using an application called Keyboard Maestro on Mac.

It works great. Thanks for the idea!
(I’m sure there’s a similar application for Windows)

Keyboard Maestro is great! I’m really glad, it’s back, and it’s compatible with current Mac OS X versions again.

I have the Steinberg CMC-TP controller. It works awesome for moving the scroll bar at the bottom. It also keeps your focused track in the center of the screen so it’s faster to scroll up and down using the track select on the CMC-TP. I just wish it would scroll the mixer as well.

Hi all

On Windows, a free programme called autohotkey can achieve what is wanted here, takes some setting up though. One of the guys on this forum" Lukasinbrooklyn" posted some of the stuff he’s done a while back, very good indeed.

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Hey Gang,

Thanks-a-bunch for all the cooooool tips! I thought it was a lost cause. I didn’t know about any of these fixes and it’s really annoying for me to try and hit that little scroll button, slows me down. I’ll see which one works best for me. But doesn’t it seem like Steiny would have a remedy for this? I guess that’s what they made the CMC-TP for but then they discontinue it? Can’t figure.

Anyway, Thanks again,


Any update on that issue? May be in Cubase 9 they implemented keycommand to scroll the screen with keys? In old cubase VST there was number of very useful keycommands and that one was there. As well as “cursor to the left edge of the screen”, audition when moving snap points and event edges etc. They dropped them down for some reason.