Scroll/zoom in range tool when Use Mouse... adjust volume is active

When the preference “Use mouse wheel for event volumes and fades” is activated, Ctrl + mouse wheel scroll does not always zoom in when using the Range Selection Tool (2). It does not zoom if the cursor is on top of an event, only if the cursor is in empty space.

Confirmed with 2 different mouses (Logitech and Steelseries) on Windows 7 and windows 10, Cubase 10 and Cubase 10.5

I did some more exploring and the issue gets deeper when using the new Combine selection tool.

Seems that the Ctrl + wheel zoom is stuck even with the new Combine selection tool when using Use mouse wheel for event volume and fades.

I hope will be fixed.

This issue still is not fixed as of 12.0.70. :rage:

This is really problematic when trying to do fast edits to podcast material, executing Cut Time repeatedly and scrolling via the mousewheel.

Yeah, one would think it would be possible to have it both ways, since a modifier key is needed to scroll or zoom, and not to adjust the volume of the event.

But “Use mouse wheel for event volumes and fades” preference has a key command to activate and deactivate, which seems like a decent workaround.

The problem is only on audio events, not parts, nor midi.

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