Scrollbars Too Small

I have been a long-time user of Cubase. I love it. But in newer versions, one change annoys me - small scrollbars. First of all, I am not a hotkey person - I like to look at something and “touch it” with my mouse pointer instead of having to remember hotkey combos along with remembering the hotkey combos in a zillion other applications I use. Same for writing the hotkeys down on a sticky note and pasting it to my monitor. But as I get older (and I do mean older), my vision and dexterity is not what it used to be, and so I have a harder time with these sleek and fashionable small and thin scrollbars. Steinberg, please remembers us older and physically challenged people in your design meetings. Oh, and don’t forget to test those tiny scrollbars on a 4k monitor. Thank you.


I’ve seen mosquitoes with bigger…eh…scroll bars.


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I think they actually have gotten a bit better with C12. But yeah, before that some of the scroll bars were atrociously fiddly and badly designed. And in some older version I did count like 5 differently designed scroll bars in the program!


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I’m not that old and it annoys me too.
Agree 100%.

Good news? You are not the first. Bad news? You are not the first. :smiley:

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Admittedly, if the scrollbars were wider, there’d be people with smaller resolution screens complaining that they take up valuable screen estate and no one uses them anyway, because you have the mouse wheel for horizontal and vertical scrolling…

True. I thin an option to resize the scrollbar would be nice. Also, eventually higher than 4k resolutions will become common or standard (8k? 12k?), so this will be a big problem when that time comes, one Steinberg cannot ignore.

That’s why the scrollbar sizes should scale commensurate with screen resolution. One can dream :slight_smile: