Scrolling in Dorico for iPad using Magic Keyboard

On the desktop computer I’m used to scrolling using the keyboard. I was wondering if this is possible in the iPad version using the Magic Keyboard. I haven’t been able to find a way to do this, as using the arrow keys simply selects elements in the score. I tried adding these in Key Commands but the UI didn’t recognise input from the keyboard.

Dorico for iPad does not currently support the trackpad on the Magic Keyboard, but it’s something we would like to support in future.

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Thanks, Daniel, but I’d already read that and wasn’t expecting to be able to use the trackpad. I meant to be able to scroll using a key combination like Cmd plus an arrow key.
Sorry, I should have used the term ‘navigate’ instead of ‘scroll’. Sorry! :wink:

When you do, I’ll buy that Magic (expensive) Keyboard :wink:

Laptop keyboards have a Fn key that combines with arrow keys for scrolling. Lacking a Fn key, scrolling is limited to the trackpad feature.

This is true, but I was wondering if there’s any way to emulate a ‘next page’ command using the keyboard.