Scrolling in mixer / Fader lock?


Found recently when flipping the mouse wheel to scroll between channels horizontally in mixconsole, that the placement of the mouse cursor is essential or I made undoable fader changes (and I’m sorta lazy and don’t like creating notepad entries for fader levels all the time).

Is there a quick way to lock faders? Or have the faders be optionally locked (have to alt-click to drag?). I find this happens a bit too often accidentally and then I’m reopening backup projects just to remember levels.


For the moment ‘scrolling in safe places’ is the only solution. Down at the text labels. No way to lock faders I’d know of…

There is another preference, that means you have to have your cursor directly over the control to adjust it - can’t remember exact wording or where it is, sorry… Anyway, the upshot is, it does give you a bit more ‘elbow room’ to not inadvertently change settings. Have a look around, you’ll find it…

You could write automation on each fader.

Thanks, I’ll snoop around. Would having a feature like alt-clicking on fader (mixconsole) or volume box (project window) to adjust be something anyone else would be interested in?