Scrolling in write mode

When inputting notes in Write galley mode, the screen moves when the notes pass beyond the right hand end of the window, such that the next measure is now visible at the left hand end. This means that the notes I have just written are now off the screen. I often want to look at these just to see that I didnt make a mistake.

Is it possible, and if not, could it be made possible (at least as a customizable option), that the scrolling leaves the last measure still visible at the lhs of the window?

Many thanks!



Thanks for the feedback. Certainly we’ll consider this.

I think I would prefer having the insertion point in the middle of the screen after scrolling, not as far left as possible. Making it customisable is a good idea.

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Not sure if this works in some way on Mac but if you’re using Windows and your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can hold down the key and the scroll wheel will scroll the music left/right accordingly. I find it easier to keep the music more centered this way.