Scrolling mode for main tracks window


New to Cubase 10 (artist :frowning: ), I can’t find in english documentation a key to scroll left/right the tracks display without moving the cursor vertical line.
Actually I can use the slider/cursor (quite impossible to use) or the ‘Ctrl let/right arrow’ keys but it does not provide the effect I am searching for, the cursor always disappear.
Looking for something you find in some Adobe pgm (In Design) to edit large graphic compositions

Thanks for help


You can hold down Shift modifier and use mouse scroll up/down to move the view.

yes it scrolls the window … but the cursor go away with it.


So do you want to move the Playhead cursor, right?

Then you can use some of the Functions from the Transport Section. Some of them have already a Key Command assigned. You can assign own Key Commands to the others:

  • Fast Forward: Shift + Num+
  • Fast Rewind: Shift + Num-
  • Forward: Num+
  • Rewind: Num-
    These four are probably the most often used. Or:
  • Jog Left
  • Jog Right
  • Nudge +1 Bar
  • Nudge -1 Bar
  • Nudge +1 Frame
  • Nudge -1 Frame
  • Nudge Cursor Left: Ctrl + Num-
  • Nudge Cursor Right: Ctrl + Num+

I will try, thanks.
But what I was looking for was ‘frozing’ the playhead cursor at its actual place and move the display behind.


I’m sorry, then I really don’t understand what you want. If you want to keep the Playhead Cursor on the place, use the Shift + Mouse Scroll Wheel. The Playhead Cursor stays at the place.

If you want to move the Playhead Cursor, use one of the Key Command I mentioned above.

I am on W10, you seem to be on IOS, what are these Jog and Nudge keys equivalent ?
Concerning Shift + Mouse Scroll wheel, my playhead cursor moves with the screen and does not stay at the place ?? Is there some setting to adjust ?


The Jog and Nudge are commands in Cubase, how you can move the Playhead Cursor. It’s not system dependent.

No, you can’t set the scroll speed.

Well, thanks for the time.