Scrolling the files list on iPad is broken

Attempting to scroll down with my finger or apple pencil on any of the three files list results in the list following my touch, but when I release the touch it snaps back. Sometimes I get some downwards movement retained, i.e. it snaps back only partway. It’s almost impossible to actually reach items further down the list.

Current workaround is to open files from the file browser instead.

I can share a video directly if it’s helpful, but not on the forum as it contains file names I don’t wish to share publicly :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the grid view or the list view in the Hub, or another place in the app?

All three tabs for browsing targets.

I can confirm this issue. Scrolling lists is not working properly in D5 for Ipad.

Cannot confirm it. I am on iPad OS 16.3.1 (iPad Pro 10.5-inch). Scrolling works as expected.

Are you using your finger, or an Apple Pencil, perhaps?