scrolling with keyboard shortcut

Does anyone know how to move the scroll bars with a keyboard shortcut? Primarily for the Key Edit screen.

I’ve wondered this same thing. Would be a great shortcut to have. But I’m thinking it would be a Windows thing and not Cubase? But maybe there’s a way…


The g and h keys zoom (shift for vertical zoom). So there seems to be some functionality with the sidebar… The sidebar being where the scroll and resizing bara are that is.


  • on the numpad for forwards
  • on the numpad for rewind
    Works in all editors if you have scroll set to stationary curser in preferences (looks cool to).


Thanks, Paul. Very cool. I wish we could do that kind of scrolling but by jumping a measure at a time rather than smooth scrolling. Still, very cool.

Thanks for the tip.


Use the Key Command: Step Bar and Step Back bar.

An excellent use of ones time is to sit and read down the list of Key Commands in that window. You will discover a ton of things about what Cubase does and how to use it.



A little of topic, but I really would like to know some of the most used by 7 users key commands that can speed up the workflow, would be great to share some