Scrub malfunction after Nuendo update 7.1.20


Scrub started behaving oddly after update. With the Scrub activated, you no longer can change cursor position via single scrub tap where needed. Instead, Scrub cursor jumps back to its last position. Cursor stays in the new location ONLY if you tap it there AND MOVE it at least a pixel, whereas earlier only a tap would be enough. I used to like Scrub for its handy ability to jump from there to there, etc., and now this ability is gone. You have to move the cursor a bit in the new position in order to make Scrub relocate the cursor there.

Maybe it’s just my preferences changed; in that case I would be very happy if anyone could tell me where I have to check or uncheck things.

Update: Scrub is sick ONLY on audio tracks. On Midi and instrument tracks Scrub behaves as it used to.

Thank you.


Same problem here. The scrub cursor jumps to its last position. Please Steinberg, take a look at this.


Using Contour Shuttle same problem here, BUT, using scrub function from Yamaha DM2000, works fine

Goddamit, Steinberg! Cubase 9 has normally working scrub! Please fix the goddamn problem!


same problem with Avid Artist Transport over Eucon as I posted before.


Solved at last, with 7.1.30 update. Took quite long tho.